Mona Lisa with the keys

La Joconde aux Clés


Completion Date: 1930

Style: Purism

Genre: figurative painting

Gallery: Musee National Fernand Leger

Tags: pictures-and-drafts, Mona-Lisa

One day I had painted a bunch of keys on a canvas, my bunch of keys. I didn’t know what to put next to them. I needed something that would be the absolute opposite of a bunch of keys. So when I finished work I went out. I had only walked a few yard when what should I see in a shop windows? A postcard of the Mona Lisa! At once I knew that was what I needed; what could have made a greater contrast to the keys?. ..Then I also added a can of sardines. It was such a strong contrast.
La vie fait de l’Oeuvre de Fernand Léger, Dora Vallier, Cahiers d’Art, 2, 1954, p. 153

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